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Sept 2014: Enjoy the new video, big thanks to the SETnative Crew in Berlin!
06.12. Dresden - Schokofabrik
15.11. Hanau (Metzgerstrasse)
14.11. Karlsruhe (Kohi)
01.11. Zwickau (Fackelzauber)
02.10. Halle (Conoisseur, Party)
13.09. Berlin (Cortina Bob)

Juli 2014:
New Berlin date. 13 Sept in Kreuzberg at Cortina Bob.
Juni 2014
: More new videos on the way.
We have just finished a live video shoot in a Berlin TV studio. Should be cut and finished for viewing in a few weeks.

April 2014: Berlin gig. 3rd april in Tiefgrund with our friends "The Say Highs"

March 2014: Showcase gig in Berlin 07 March in Arcanoa. NEW! Listen to the complete album now at Spotify

Feb 2014:
NEW VIDEOS! Two new videos now online at the video page.
One made in Portugal and one in Hamburg.
Both videos to the AC Vibes song "Undercover" realised by independent film makers and animation artists. Enjoy and share with your friends.
Jan 2014: The complete album is now available to download at I-Tunes,
Amazon, Nokia and many more download sites.
Go to the shop page for direct links.

Dec 2013: New CD is ready. You can order now at the shop page.

Hi folks, the CD Fiction State is now available. AC Vibes are out and about on the road for a few dates in south Germany and Switzerland.
If you want to know more about concerts or whatever just get in touch.
This web will soon be filled with yummy stuff!

Keep Watching!


03.04.2014 Berlin - Tiefgrund (Special Guest: The Say Highs!)
07.03.2014 Berlin - Arcanoa
01.02.2014 Halle (Saale) - Hühnermanhattan
18.01.2014 Berlin - Trickster
31.12.2013 Frauenfeld CH - Dreiegg
07.11.2013 Dresden - Club Aquarium
19.10.2013 Hanau - Brückenkopf
18.10.2013 Karlsruhe - Kohi
12.10.2013 Zurich - Langstars
11.10.2013 Frauenfeld CH - Dreiegg
10.10.2013 Mannheim - O-Ton Club
11.10.2013 Frauenfeld CH - Dreiegg

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